Thank You Sheri Todd!


Good Morning Maurice and Mike, Please let me know you read my email.

I am sitting by my large dining room window and looking at Prince Charles in all his glory in bloom and I want to thank the one of you I talked to  two  years ago when you suggested Prince Charles to me to purchase! I consider myself having a good eye to photograph and I really can not get the total splendor in a picture to send you but sending you what I can to show you how beautiful it is here in south Alabama in 89 degree humid weather… Everything is beautiful in May and June here but afterwards the heat and humidity make it not so…


Madam De Viellard has been beautiful and one of my fav..and also Comtesse de Bouchard has done wonderful here…….Prince Charles the color and heaviness of blooms is just awesome..sending you some pictures… waiting on Julia Correvon to bloom today and she has done well here in lower zone 8..with hot summers and humidity… afternoon shade… sun in morning and mid day only for all my clematis…


I have added some lime and fertilizer granular in  late Feb each year and that is all I have done..other than pruning in Feb… I have gone on Daves Garden watchdog and other places all plants site and somewhere have mentioned along in my emails how nice your plants are and large size and good root system and packing to many people to help you sell more…


So thank you for talking to me on the phone and trying to help me when I first asked 2 springs ago..

Sheri  Todd


We at Joy Creek appreciate your support!


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