Class Preview: “Fundamentals” with Leslie Gover

Our weekly classes get into full swing starting with Leslie Gover’s talk on gardening fundamentals.  It is a broad topic but Leslie will breathe some life into the important and often overlooked parts of gardening.  Soil, water, nutrition, and planting will all be discussed in an effort to get you a heather and more happier garden.  The class is on Sunday April 1st at 1 pm, no registration required.

Putting the fun in fundamentals

“Fundamentals” is a broad ranging term, what particular aspects of gardening are you going to look at during the class?

Gardening has changed.  This is what we will discuss, what used to be cookbook is much different and our amount of plant material and where it originated from is as equally different.  This is not your grandmothers garden plan.

When you talk about nutrition what are you referring to?

I teach a seed sowing class for kindergarteners and we talk about the nutrition aspect.  French fries and pizza has come up a few times.  But we will talk more about what the causes the fertilizer to be used.  A bit more indepth than my kindergartners.

What are factors that lead to it being the right time to plant?

I think that we have all been in that situation where the plant we bought is put in the ground and it slowly loses vigor and turns to mush.  (Surely this is not my fault……!!!!!!)  But what do we do.  Can we trouble shoot this ahead of time.  We will look at this senerio and others.

How do plants talk to you, and what are they saying?

Part of the “talking” is the response of the plant to the soil and enviornment.  So lets listen to what the plants are saying and doing to get the right fit for both the plant and gardener to be sucessful.

It won’t be very warm and it probably will be raining for the class so remember to dress warm and dry.  There will be a canopy but rain has a habit of going sideways sometimes.  Leslie promises to be concise and keep it interesting.  We hope to see a few brave people on Sunday.


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