Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome to the Joy Creek Nursery Blog.  I found as I was putting together galleries for Facebook I wanted to be able to expand on certain ideas and sometimes that required more words than were necessary for a caption.  So I thought, how could I create this thing that had more words and a few pictures where we could expand on and share our experiences here at the nursery.  Eventually this blog was born.  There are three articles already posted and more are in the works. There will be monthly articles from Maurice about clematis, Mike’s experiences living in the Garden, notes from Nadine on new plants in retail and good combinations, and I will add pictures to all of these and write about whatever happens to cath my eye.  We hope that you will find us helpful and entertaining and make sure to leave any comments you have because this is a community and we are all gardening together.  Thank You.


P.S. As promised… Here is Yowler

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow


3 responses to “Welcome to Our Blog

  1. What a beautiful photo. He truly is a treasure at the end of the rainbow.


  2. What a beautiful kitty. I enjoyed reading about inviting birds into the yard. I love birds and I love kitties. Do you have any helpful ideas so both can live in harmony? My kitties aren’t outside all the time, but when they are, I certainly want the birds to remain safe.


    • The easiest method is to put bells on your cat’s collars. It warns the birds they are coming. Also, when you are putting in plants that attract birds make sure there are no hiding spots for your cats nearby.


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